To the Bay Area Big Band

I cannot thank you all enough for the gift you gave our students last night! Many of our students and parents have never had the opportunity to hear such quality musicians, and it's all anyone could talk about today at school.  I have had numerous requests for your website (parents hoping to give back to you) and student's so inspired by what they heard.  I had parents asking if they could continue coming to our awards banquet to hear you even after their kids graduate, so I'm hoping we could do this again in the future!   I absolutely loved what George shared, also!

My favorite comments of the night included one of my percussionists telling me that he wants to play in a big band just like this!  (He is in my band room right now practicing non-stop.)  My bari-sax player instantly "came alive" today and played like a bari-sax thank you!!  (He was too neat and tidy before and you inspired him to play out!) Student's get out of school at 12:15 on Friday's...and it has been a flood of students picking up their instruments to practice this weekend.  You really lit a fire under them - they brought in recordings to share today also that they found after searching big band music. 

Thank you for all that you do.  You changed lives last night!

Michelle Floering, Band Director

Grand Traverse Academy